Urban Inclusion

Safaa Charafi

Risktakers Fellowship - Safaa-4-SW

Our project leverages digital technologies for social inclusion by providing digital education to undocumented migrant women. We aim to bridge the digital divide and promote urban inclusion, with a focus on gender urban planning and building more inclusive cities. By empowering women with digital skills, we can create more equitable and socially sustainable urban settings that benefit all residents.

What will you be working on during the fellowship?

During the fellowship, I will be working on developing and implementing digital education programs for undocumented migrant women in urban areas. This will involve researching best practices in digital literacy education, designing and delivering training modules, and collaborating with local community organizations to promote access and participation. My goal is to empower these women with the digital skills they need to connect with others in their community and to participate more fully in the digital economy, ultimately contributing to more inclusive and equitable urban settings.

To what future do you aspire?

I aspire to a future where urban spaces are designed and developed with a focus on promoting social inclusion, equity, and sustainability. I envision a future where cities are more walkable, bikeable, and accessible, with thriving public spaces that foster community and civic engagement. In this future, all residents, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status, have access to high-quality education, healthcare, affordable housing, and economic opportunities. I believe that by working towards this vision, we can build more resilient, thriving, and equitable urban communities that benefit everyone.

What does being a risktaker mean to you?

Being a risktaker means challenging the status quo and pursuing innovative approaches for positive change. It requires leaving familiar paths, taking calculated risks and testing new ideas. As an urbanist and gender expert, I aim to create more inclusive and sustainable cities, especially for marginalized groups. Risk-taking is essential to create a better future.