Roma feminist online library

Alba Hernández

Risktakers Fellowship - Alba-Hernández

Aldessa Georgiana

Risktakers Fellowship - Aldessa-Georgiana-SW

The Roma feminist online library is a platform for Roma feminist critical knowledge. The platform serves as a safe space to bring visibility to the multitude of Romani women writers, researchers, activists, and students who unfortunately struggle to access academia in an industry dominated by white men. The goal of our platform is to combat xenophobia, sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, as well as their oppressive intersections, by creating a Roma feminist library that responds to the imperative need to delegitimise hate speeches through scientific facts.

What will you be working on during the fellowship?

The project is intended to be built in two sections; the first one is about the collection of knowledge produced by Roma feminist women and Roma LGBTQA+ in order to create a space that serves as a source of information where to find critical knowledge written by Roma feminists. In it you will be able to find articles, writings, personal opinions and other information within the parameters of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, among others, that affect the Roma community, especially Roma women and girls from an intersectional perspective. At the same time, it will serve as a platform where Roma students, activists, etc. can publish their productions trying to eliminate the invisible barrier that limits non-white people to give visibility to their knowledge. The second section of the project, will be destined to the creation of updated knowledge through podcasts and interviews with different students, activists, academics and influential Roma women on different current topics, where issues of common and personal interest about experiences, concerns, visions of the future, etc. will be discussed.

To what future do you aspire?

We aspire to a future where Roma women and LGBTQ+ Roma people will be the narrators of their own life experiences and knowledge. Also we aspire to a future where the works of Roma women LGBTQ+ Roma will be part of the mainstream knowledge and academia. Not at least we aspire to a future with role models for the young Roma women and girls.

What does being a risktaker mean to you?

We are aware that being risktakers makes us more responsible to create our project with care, love and respect towards our community. Further we see it as an opportunity to bring knowledge on Roma women in mainstream spaces and to make visible the work produced by our community.