La Résille


Risktakers Fellowship - _lila-_2

La Résille (literally: “fishnet”) is a collective sci-fi work based on imagination
workshops started online during 2020. These workshops offer to project
people in an uchronic world where women/gnc haven’t been ejected from IT in the 70’s. It allows us to challenge standards around tech communities and strongly empower us to imagine desirable digital futures. We also develop material/design from the workshops and publish the projects on our website.

What will you be working on during the fellowship?

We are 3 people working as volunteers to do our workshops, to produce most of the material and to update our website. We want to redesign the website so participants can more easily project themselves into La Résille. As we are receiving more and more requests from feminist groups and universities, we want to rework the workshops to make them easier to set up. Then we could offer more workshops in the long term. We also would like to set up a non-profit organisation to be able to pay ourselves.

To what future do you aspire?

Our aim is to enable participants to create user-friendly, low-tech, feminist and anti-capitalist tools. Our workshops take into account the political dimension of the digital tools that structure our lives by ensuring that they remain accessible and that they don’t reproduce patterns of oppression against women, lgbtqia+ and marginalised people. We reject the idea of techno-solutionism and question human bias in regards to technology.

What does being a risktaker mean to you?

Being a risktaker means to try new ideas to share the word of our communities, those who are not or hardly heard, to promote the experience of minorities with mutual learning, to find out how to build in collaboration new horizons against the oppressions that we undergo. It means that we have to try even if we “fail”, because it’s part of the learning and creative process and that’s exactly how we learn. It also means taking a step forward to address challenging issues and taking time to document this important work.