Risktakers Fellowship - Shatha-SW


Risktakers Fellowship - Sereen-

This online comic magazine will propose a feminist and inclusive vision for the future of the internet in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Each issue will explore different aspects of this vision, such as intersectional representation in media, accessible and safe spaces for marginalized communities online, and the decolonization of digital technology in the context of the MENA region. it will also address issues related to digital security, such as online privacy, cybersecurity, and the protection of sensitive personal data.

What will you be working on during the fellowship?

During the fellowship we will work in phases that will lead to the output of the project being a total of 3 volumes of online comic magazine that presents a feminist and inclusive vision for the future of the internet in the MENA region.

  • Research and planning: In this phase, we will define the goals and themes of the
    magazine, conduct focus groups with women, queer and other groups.
  • Design and branding: In this phase, we will create a visual identity and branding for the magazine, design the layout and template, and select and design visual elements. We want to create characters that look like us and our society.
  • Content creation
  • Website development: In this phase, we will set up a website or platform to host the magazine, design and develop the website, and integrate social media.
  • Outreach: In this phase, we will develop a plan to raise awareness of the magazine.

To what future do you aspire?

The digital future we aspire to is one that addresses and confronts the challenges and crises facing society today. By promoting a feminist and inclusive vision, we can work towards a future that is more equitable and just for all members of the community, especially for womxn and queer folks. This includes addressing issues of social inequality and injustice, such as those related to intersectional representation, accessibility, and decolonization. It also involves prioritizing digital security in an era of increasing cyber threats and risks to online privacy.

What does being a risktaker mean to you?

Taking risks is a way of living for us, it’s a choice that we take every day. We do that by daring to challenge and question our realities and not taking our lives for granted and not compromising the future that we aspire for, a future that is free of any form of oppression, a future that will guarantee freedom, safety and justice for all.